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FRAG: Pro Shooter just released worldwide for all Android and iOS devices, and we want to celebrate this amazing release with everyone, including YOU!!

We at Oh BiBi love content creators of all kinds: we all have our favorite Youtubers, streamers, Instagram stars or even Tik Tok addicts! We even launched our own Youtube channel by taking inspiration from content creators such as yourself. Now, we want to take the bond we have with content creators to the next level with the FRAG Pro Sponsor Program!


I’m glad you asked! Our FRAG Pro Sponsor Program is a neat little promotion system: you promote FRAG, and FRAG promotes you!!


With a playerbase over 1.5 million strong, we’ve managed to build up the interest of a wide range of players: some are hardcore competitive shooter fans, others are more relaxed casual mobile players, all united around their love for FRAG. A playerbase so large and diverse makes for a wonderful audience, thanks to whom we manage to gather over 40k subscribers on our own Youtube channel without any outside advertising!!


FRAG is unique among shooter game for its social aspect, particularly through our own social network: Fan Base. Fan Base allows us to promote content for ALL of our players to see, and has been the major force behind the success of our Youtube channel! Viewers hooked through Fan Base stay loyal to our channel afterwards, subscribing and sharing our videos like no other!


The same could apply to you… ;)



First of all, make sure to check out our Content Creation Kit, full of wonderful assets to use as you see fit: high-res character models, backgrounds, etc. And then, do your magic!! Make the BEST FRAG video you can, post it online (no need to worry about copyright issues!) and get in touch with us!


If we like your video (and let’s face it, we probably will!), we’ll share it on our Fan Base AND social media: Facebook, Twitter, and even our very own Discord server!


And that’s how our story together begins… Are you ready? ;)

Download Fankit
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