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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.22 Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


New Fragger → Bob

Bob (level 9): Rare


Hitpoints → 686

Damage/Second → 147

Speed → 12.6 km/h Speed while shooting → 11.6 km/h Role → Defense

Main Weapon: Cosmic Blaster

Shoots a burst of laser.

Weapon range → 35m

Base Damage → 39.7 Fire Rate → 266 Reload Time → 1.5s

Ability: Stellar Attraction

Launches a tag that creates a zone on the ground, slowing and preventing enemies from using their weapons and abilities. After a few seconds, any enemies present are drawn into the air.

Ability Cooldown → 12s Radius → 7m Slow Effect → 60% Stun Duration → 3.5s

Floating Effect Duration → 3.5s

Damage bonus → 25%

FRAG Powers

Destructive Ascent → Bonus damage from the ability is increased by 200%. Advanced Vortex → Ability radius is increased by 30%.


Features 3.22

Seasonal Lottery new balancing:

The lottery gives fewer rewards and there are less tickets to be found, BUT the new character is put at 400 tickets only.

New cards in chest:

Sparky, Siku, JawJaw, Jack and Timmy, MacDyver, Pumpkin Pete and Guizmo are now in chests if you already unlocked them

Challenge Calendar:





  • Speed While Shooting 8.7 → 11.6

Main Weapon

  • Ammo 6 → 8

  • Damage +10%

  • Heal +10%



  • Speed effect 10.7 → 11.6

  • Speed While Shooting 7.8 → 8.6

Main Weapon

  • Now slows by 20%

  • Damage +15%


  • radius 2m → 3m

Mei Long

Main Weapon

  • Fire rate 50 → 75


  • Chain duration 3s → 4s

  • Range 16m → 20m



  • Speed while shooting 8.7 → 10.6

Main Weapon:

  • Fire rate 60 → 100

  • Damage -32%


  • Cooldown 20 → 18

  • Duration 7 → 6

Queen Boom

Main Weapon

  • Fire rate 100 → 85


Bug Fixes:

Fixed The characters Ao and Mei-Long share the same Special Ability

Fixed Augment and Equipment buttons inside the character info screen are not grayed out for Legendary Characters

Fixed The game softlocks if the user enters the Club menu during the FTUE in the last 72h of the Season

Fixed The Leave Button is not working inside the Club menu

Fixed The sorting feature inside the deck menu breaks after the character Blot


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!


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01 de jun.

My Nema Sahin Please Charcter De do


Jacoby Williamson
Jacoby Williamson
31 de mai.

not a bad update


Rea Kofidis
Rea Kofidis
31 de mai.

Wow his fps are much stronger than most!


Lohit Polong
Lohit Polong
31 de mai.

My name mujhe please अच्छे-अच्छे character

de do

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