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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.5.5 Patch Notes

Welcome to the first update of 2020! On the menu today: one new Fragger, one new Event and tons of changes!

Editor's note: We initially released this version as 1.5.4, but a major bug forced us to immediately release 1.5.5 to correct this issue. Sorry for the confusion!


First things first, let's talk about the new king in town: THE BOSS!!


THE BOSS is a Legendary DEFENSE Fragger who uses his money-shooting shotgun and robot mobsters to take care of the competition! He's in the business of being awesome, and business is good.

If you wanna see THE BOSS in action, here you go!

Similar to Krystal before him, THE BOSS will only be unlockable in his own Event - which I'll proceed to talk to you about right now!


Along with The Boss comes a new Event for you to unlock him: welcome to THE BOSS CHALLENGE!

As you can see, the rules are pretty simple:

  • Enter the Event to challenge other players, but with an added challenge: your deck has been created with random cards (even if you don't own them), all of which have been set to level 9!

  • The Boss will be in your first Deck and will appear after every other victory: this is your chance to try him out before unlocking him!

  • Win to get prizes: the more wins you make, the better your rewards, up to 20 victories!

  • However, if you lose 3 times, you're out! You'll be able to reset and try again in exchange for Diamonds (or for free if you have the Season Pass);

  • Don't worry about your trophies: you can not win or lose any trophy in this Event!

The Boss Challenge starts on January 17th and will last for 4 days, so you better get ready for The Boss, because he's ready for you!


Speaking of new Fraggers, we haven't forgotten about Krystal!

When we first released her a while ago, she didn't have any skins to her name, so we've made sure to correct this mistake by giving Krystal 4 amazing skins. Behold!

On top of this, we've also brought back a lot of skins from the previous Seasons for you all to enjoy!

We hope you have lots of fun trying on new looks for your favorite Fraggers!


But we're not done with Krystal yet! Now it's time to talk about balacing! On the menu today, we're taking a look at Krystal and Queen Boom!

Krystal's debut in FRAG hasn't gone unnoticed by our players, which is a great thing!

We think it's too early to provide any major nerfs to her, but we are adjusting Krystal to fit in with the rest of our cast, especially other Legendaries.

  • Respawn Timer increased to 30 seconds (from 22), similar to other Legendaries;

  • Krystal's ability should no longer go on cooldown if she was stunned while not using it;

  • AI should now be able to use her ability;

On the other hand, Queen Boom is now a FRAG veteran, and her strengths have become clear to a lot of players: her ability allows her to gain great offensive momentum and makes dueling really easy.

We've decided to tone done her utility a notch, while leaving her otherwise healthy kit intact for now!

  • Queen Boom's ability cooldown increased to 16 seconds (from 14);

  • Queen Boom's ability health bonus reduced by 10%;

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think of those changes!


We've heard a couple of concerns from devoted players who felt like our new Season Pass, while full of amazing rewards,felt a bit too short of long-term veterans and hardcore players. In order to give these players even more rewards, we've decided to introduce the PRO SEASON PASS!

Twice the tiers* for twice the rewards, with even more perks for you to enjoy! We hope you enjoy this new Pro Season Pass, available as soon as the update launches.

* 36 Tiers are added, divided between Free and Pro-Season Pass Users


Last but not least, we've fixed a couple of bugs in this version: see for yourselves!

  • AIs should no longer be stuck in front of the tower;

  • Servers should now properly reset to your default server after a duel with someone using a different server;

  • Trophies should now be properly added or removed after a battle;

  • Ragequitting should now always reset your winstreak;

  • The Season Pass Bank should now be properly sent at the end of the Season;

  • Club Wars rewards should now be properly sent at the end of the Club Wars Event;

  • Mystery Boxes should no longer drop at wrong positions in "The Pit";


That's all for now! We hope you look forward to this new version as much as we do! ;)


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