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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.5.8 Patch Notes

A brand-new Frag update is almost out of the oven, so get ready for a nice serving of events and a really cool Legendary Wildcard: DR. CROW!

To heal or not to heal... That is the question.

Dr. Crow is our very FIRST dual-purpose character that can either poison opponents or heal teammates with his main weapon.

The best part? Switching in between the modes only has a 2-second cooldown, so you can have the pleasure of being both the good and the bad guy if you want, without having to commit to either one.

Get your hands on Dr. Crow and his handy vial launcher before everyone else by participating in the Random Deck Event starting on March 6th.

The rules of this Event will be similar to the rules of The Boss Event, with the opportunity to win Club Wars tickets for your Club as well!

The event lasts until March 8th - BUT its second round starts on March 20th! During this second round, you can either obtain Dr. Crow in case you didn't finish the first round, or upgrade him to unimaginable power!


Now... you know how much we love celebrating holidays, and what better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day than for 5 days straight?

Play the new Co-op event every day to quench your thirst for amazing rewards! The event lasts from March 12th until March 17th.

Besides gifts, we're also introducing a cool new background in-game and St. Patrick's themed skins for your characters! If you've ever wondered what it's like to go ginger, then this is your chance.

Here's the full list of Fraggers who get a St. Patrick's special skin (for 150 skin coins each):

  • Amelie


  • Captain Polar

  • Dan


  • General Mekk

  • Jet

  • Laika

  • Long Shot

  • Lucha Muerta

  • Mekkalodon

  • Miss Bunny

  • Ollie

  • Quarter-BK

  • Rippin' Finn

  • Rolaf

  • Soldatron

  • The Boss

  • Valkia

Come rock the four leaf clover with us!


In other news, our in-game shop is getting more versatile, so from 1.5.8 you will be able to modify special offers as you see fit. If you want more content, then more content you shall get!

Just tap on the newly-implemented + (plus) and - (minus) buttons to obtain the offer that fits you best!

Please note that we're currently experimenting with the Shop, so if you see any changes feel free to share your feedback with us!


We also have some balancing changes for this version:

Dr. Frost and APE-SUIT's respawn timers have been reduced to 22 seconds, similar to other cards with the same rarity!

A long time ago, we increased these characters' respawn time due to their meta popularity. As they are no longer dominant in the metagame, we feel comfortable reverting those changes!

Additionally, we've made it so healing abilities, such as the ones used by Dan, O.K., BiBi and Dr. Crow will remove HADES' ability debuff/damage over time on whichever is affected by their heal!

We hope that this will help these forgotten Fraggers (as well as the newcomer Dr. Crow) establish themselves as counters to HADES, as well as provide some additional utility to their healing powers!

We're working on some more balance changes for the next version, so prepare for some major meta rumblings!


In this update, we've also decided to tackle the issue of botfarmers by reducing trophy gains when playing against bots while in Leagues, especially after 10 000 trophies. Hopefully this will allow skill-based competition to prevail!

Additionally, we've also increased the maximum ping limit for normal and co-op battles, and increased the texture quality for "very low" graphics to be the same as the "low" graphics quality (though backgrounds still won't be shown).


As for Bug Fixes, we have plenty for this version:

  • The special card in new card events will now be correctly available every other game instead of every other victory;

  • Fixed issue where a player wouldn't be able to move or shoot just after the battle started;

  • Fixed issues where a player would be stuck on the matchmaking screen;

  • Fixed multiple issues linked to event timers, causing some players to have their events end later than others;

  • Fixed issues with chest timers, causing the timers to sometime reset or time left to increase instead of decreasing;

  • Fixed issues with leaderboard / club scores not going past 18 000 trophies for some players;

  • Fixed issue where event screen was freezing the game just after an event finished;

  • Krystal's ability should no longer hit enemies behind walls;

  • Scrapper's ability should now be able to heal bunkers correctly in Co-Op mode;

  • Shots should no longer be blocked by teammates;

That's it for now. Let us know what you think!


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