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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.6.9 Patch Notes

Hello there, Fraggers! 🎯 A new update is now live and it brings a ton of interesting things... but let's get into it quickly, before the robots take over!

By the way, if you want to know how we calculate trophies, then check out our latest FRAG Spotlight:

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New Meta - Revamped card upgrade system

The HP and damage of all cards will now increase by 10% based on the previous level instead of a fixed value for every level.

Cyber Girl Then:

Cyber Girl Now:

If we take this example, then 177 is the new base HP for a level 6 Cyber Girl. Next to it, on the right, you can also see the next values, so you know that when you upgrade Cyber Girl to level 7, you will have 195 HP. Starting with 1.6.9, this information will be available for every card.

Besides that, characters are also a bit bigger now, as you can see! (Yes, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you...)

Lucha Muerta Then:

Lucha Muerta Now:

Please note that Tower/Bunker HP and Points per Frag are now also increasing based on the previous level when you level up (as opposed to a fixed value).


The Age of AI is finally here

Now... we weren't going to make such changes to the game without at LEAST taking a look at our AI... And boy oh boy did we look at it!

Lately, our dev team has been working on bringing some exciting changes to the AI system starting with 1.6.9. Yes, this means that AI is finally competitive... and, well... should I say... smart?

Yep! I'm afraid they're getting as smart as us, so we better do our best if we want to keep up!

  • Bots now have the same level as a player for BotMama, Scout & Nutty and General Mekk

  • T4NKB0T AI made smarter when choosing when to use his ability

  • Mimi's wall HP from 400 to 200-800 -> now the HP scale with length: the longer the wall is, the less HP it has. Allies can now also shoot through it and visibility is correct

  • Now, if the player placed the wall/heal station, the AI won't replace it until it's destroyed (Mimi, Mecha Knight, Cyber Cop, O.K.)

Of course, we'll continue to gather feedback and make adjustments as necessary, so let us know what you think!



  • Fixed various exploits related to events & event leaderboards

  • Fix various exploits related to chests timers

  • Fixed a multiplier exploit in the Championship Series events



Lately, the FRAG team has been progressively tuning the Matchmaking and they'll continue to do so in order to keep a good balance between matchmaking time and battle balance.

Starting with 1.6.9, your winstreak has no more impact on matchmaking (before, as your winstreak increased, you were matched with stronger and stronger opponents).


Other Improvements

  • It is now possible to purchase steps in the Season Pass for 100 gems/step

  • Season Pass + 5 steps offer is now Season Pass + 6 steps

  • Removed the loading screen feature which wasn't working properly; now, we'll be introducing new loading screens regularly (like for Season 15)

  • Reduced mobile data usage by the game during battles (expect even more reduction in future updates)

Character Missions are now also introduced in your Missions tab in-game, so go check them out for extra season XP!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where BotMama, Scout & Nutty, General Mekk and Fidelio bots could spawn into obstacles

  • Fixed a pathfinding bug where AI could get stuck on the bunkers roof when attacking the objectives

  • Fixed a pathfinding bug on the Street Frag map where AI could get stuck in front of the enemy team spawn shield

  • Fixed a bug that allowed some characters to use their ability while hit by Cipher's abilty

  • Fixed a visual glitch when ending a battle while in sniper zoom view

  • Fixed some missions not working

  • Made some changes in order to reduce the disconnection rate of the game (more improvements are coming in future updates)

  • Fixed a bug with the map view when playing with Hunter, Hanibal, or Ronin


⚠️ Note that starting with 1.6.9, the Waterfalls map will be removed from the cycle until further notice due to technical issues.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on Discord & on social media!



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