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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.7.8 Patch Notes

Hello there Fraggers, a new exciting update is now out of the oven! 😊

This time, we're dealing with some serious power, so let's see what this one's all about! 💥


New Character → Takeshi

Takeshi is a Common Infantry Wildcard that's particularly strong against buildings.

He's a mighty WARRIOR with the heart of a lion who only wants to help his mother... 🥺


Takeshi is a real genius. He could have been the youngest graduate from Bot MaMa’s robotic academy, but he decided to join the FRAG Championship instead. He desperately needs the 1st prize money to cover his beloved mother's hospital fees.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints 472

Damage/Second 79-86

Speed 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting 5.8 km/h

Respawn Delay 22 s


Use your self-crafted gun to shoot balls of energy at your opponents!

Ammo 7

Reload Time 2.3 s

Fire Rate 100

Weapon Range 35 m

Radius 1 m

Base Damage 72.9

Headshot Damage Multiplier x1.2


Trigger your robot's secret power source to activate overdrive mode for a few seconds, giving you a health & speed boost while throwing punches at everyone facing you.

Ability Cooldown 14 s

Duration 6 s

Damage/Second 129

Slow Effect x0.75

Speed 23.3 km/h

Health Bonus 428

FRAG Power 1 → Max Ammo increased by 3

FRAG Power 2 → Ability duration increased by 3

As always, you'll be able to test & obtain the new card during 2 Random Draft events lasting for 3 days.

"Play with Takeshi" dates:

Friday, Feb 26 → Sunday, Feb 28 (included)

Friday, Mar 12 → Sunday, Mar 14 (included)

Don't forget that Takeshi is also available at Stage 35 with the Regular Season Pass!

Volume 2 Season 5 starts on February 25 2021 (at noon UTC).

Takeshi will be released in chests on March 24 2021.


FRAG Powers → 2nd wave

As you noticed above, 1.7.8 also comes with a brand-new wave of FRAG Powers, which means that every character in the game can now equip 2 FRAG Powers instead of 1.

We've also added a new section to the shop, with up to 4 different FRAG Powers to purchase every day, as well as a new offer to get 2 FRAG Powers for the same character at once!

Starting with 1.7.8, we've also increased the FRAG Powers drop rate for all types of Chests!



Update 1.7.8 introduces 24 new Cosmos skins to the mix! 🌌

A brand-new Cosmos Skins Event runs from March 11 and lasts for 14 days, so be sure not to be miss it, because we're all getting free Joker cards for reaching Community milestones!



Stella (NERF)

  • Ability duration decreased from 7s to 5s

  • Ability cooldown increased from 15s to 16s

  • Main gun damage reduced by 5%

Laika (BUFF)

  • Laika now shoots a stream of rockets during her ability

  • Ability projectile stats (see screenshot below)

  • Base projectile speed +14% (35 -> 40)

  • Base projectile explosion radius +1m (2m -> 3m)

  • Added comeback event starting on March 08

Nautica (BUFF)

  • Now upon pressing ability button, the orca will spawn at the feet of Nautica's current target

  • Ability damage +20%

  • Added comeback event starting on March 22


Other Comeback events

  • Amelie starts on March 1 2021

  • Sno starts on March 15 2021


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various bugs in the 2v2 matchmaking

  • Fixed various friend invite bugs in the 2v2 mode

  • Fixed a bug where trophies are always zero when looking at a player profile from a leaderboard

  • Fixed various bugs where an event ends while you are still in the event's menu

  • Fixed a bug where club information was not displaying properly when clicking the club icon while looking at a player's profile

  • Fixed a bug showing two ads instead of one when opening chests from the Mission menu

  • Fixed Duality not respawning properly after dying

  • Fixed the Daily chest time count getting stuck at 1 second

  • Fixed the "Battle Online" mission not working in the Payload mode

  • Fixed the "Win 1 2v2 battle with a friend" mission not working properly

  • Replaced '-' with '0' for the trophy count in club members list for players having no trophies

  • Fixed issues with popups in the club admin window

  • Fixed the menu background disappearing when sending private messages to club members from the club admin window

  • Added a notification to warn the player that some missions are inaccessible while being offline

  • Added a notification to warn the player that he cannot create a club while being offline

  • Modified the placement of some events in the calendar in an attempt to reduce the occurence of overlapping event slots

  • Fixed a bug where Lord VR extra HP bonus ended after 11s instead of 15s with the Frag Power

  • Fixed Jab's new main gun range

  • Fixed every Fire Rate Frag Power

  • Fixed a HUD glitch when playing with Hakuryu

  • Fixed a bug where Frag Power icons weren't displayed in the 2v2 intro menu

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes didn't allow you or your AI to shoot a target through a teammate

Feb 23 UPDATE:

Fixed a bug where you get 12 Ark-On cards instead of 1 when you open the mystery chest in the Comeback event.

The number of cards is based on rarity:

  • 192 for Common

  • 36 for Rare

  • 12 for Epic

  • 1 for Legendary


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on Discord & social media!



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