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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.11 Patch Notes ⚽

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


Features 3.11

FRAG's Lounge:

The FRAG's Lounge lottery received some changes. Before, you received some amount of ticket after a first transaction, and then could only get extra tickets by buying them directly.

Now, you receive only half the tickets at the first transaction but will receive more tickets for every subsequent transaction.

End of battle challenge points auto-collect:

Various improvements for auto-collect:

  • End-of-battle mission overlay.

  • Overlay notification in the menu.

  • Animation of bars during mission autocompletion.

  • Disable clicks when the player arrives in a challenge where the reward bar is being updated.

  • Disabled auto-collect of missions belonging to a club challenge when the player does not own a club.

  • Removal of "new" notification after interacting with the challenge.

  • mission auto-collect is disabled if the request fails.

Additional features:

  • Mimi Gold Skin was moved to Legendary and given a +35% gold bonus [bug fix].

  • We made some changes for players who installed in 3.8 or later:

    • The new Arena offer is more clear and gives more Arena Cards.

    • Minor balancing changes on some offers.

  • Adjustments on several challenges:

    • The Augment Race is BACK this season!

    • The Gold Rush has been changed: it is now hard Harder, but also more rewarding.

    • You will not be testing your cards against level 1 enemies anymore. Except, of course, if you are yourself at that level.

Challenge Calendar:




  • General +10% Hp Move Speed 11.6 → 12.6

  • Rescue Board Increased range from 5 to 7 Damage +37%

  • Reef Break Push effect increased Now has a charging gauge, can be activated/deactivated on click (just like Sno) Slow Effect on enemies +62% Speed Effect on Jaw Jaw +40% Damage -75%

Tank Bot

  • General Hp +10% Speed 10.7 → 11.6 Speed while shooting 5.8 → 8.7 Min damage +15%

  • T4NKM0DE Fire rate increased


  • General: Hp +15%


  • General: Move speed 9.7 → 10.7

  • Blunderbuster Damage +15% Ammo +2

  • IT'S ALIIIIIVE!! new: Fire rate +20%

Jack El Padre

  • General +5% hp Speed while shooting 5.8 → 7.8

  • Shotgun Projectile per shot 8 → 5 Range 25m → 30m

  • Grenade -10% damage


  • General move speed 10.7 → 12.6 Hp -20%

Caregiver Augment

  • General Only applies to one invocation Damage bonuses were increased by 100% Heal bonuses were increased by 100%


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Jaw Jaw's Weapon Range is incorrect.

  • Fixed The wrong Equipment category is unequipped after upgrading an Equipment.

  • Fixed The wrong club icon appears at first in the user profile.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!


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Romar Sabitchana
Romar Sabitchana
Jul 06

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