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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.12 Patch Notes 🤓

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


New Fragger → Jack and Timmy

Jack and Timmy (level 9): Epic


Hitpoints → 869

Damage/Second → 21 - 361

Speed → 9.7 hm/h Speed while shooting → 12.1 km/h

Main Weapon: The Truancy Gun

Automatic shotgun, does more damage at close range.

Ammo → 6 Weapon range → 18m

Base Damage → 73 Fire Rate → 80 Bullets Per Shot → 5 Reload Time → 2.3s

Ability: Sling-Swing Surprise

Timmy throws stones at enemies, targeting the closest one and prioritizing objectives. They inflict damage and slow the enemy. Jack will also earn movement speed for a few seconds.

Ability Cooldown → 12s Duration → 12s Base Damage → 21 Slow Effect → 20% Speed Boost → 30%

Billie's Bane → Ability cooldown is decreased by 5s.

Top Athlete → Movement speed is increased by 25%.


Features 3.12

New "Gold Lottery" for new players (Test): A new lottery dedicated to gold is being tested with new players right now. This lottery will allow you to gather more gold. The new lottery gives you a free spin every two days, and then a paying spin at 20 or 25 times the value of the free spin. The exact rewards and prices depend on the arena and on the player profile.

Unlock Jack and Timmy:

For the 1st time, you will be able to unlock Jack and Timmy by directly purchasing them in the shop! You will still be able to get more copies or unlock them with Challenges.

FRAG Pass: Takeshi will be featured in this season's FRAG Pass. You will also find augment materials, a commun Joker Tablet, and random legendary cards

Challenge Calendar (coming soon):

Additional features:

  • You are now (finally) always able to use a chest key, even on a chest on a timer !"

  • Arena 13 finally received a name!




  • Mercy & Wrath +5 bullets +5% damage headshot multiplier 1.2 → 1.4

  • Bounty Lasso Cooldown reduced by 6 sec every time you do a frag with the main weapon


  • Hell of a Stick Fire rate: 70 -> 80 +10% dmg

  • Cyberage Visual improvment: the “secondary ability button” will now fill up gradually while changing color.


  • Not-so-regular gun Damage +15% Fire rate 90 -> 100 Headshot multiplier 1.4 -> 1.6


  • Sawgun Ammo: 5 -> 8 Fire rate: 90 -> 100

  • Saw New: uses 3 charges. 1 charge = 1 saw fired One charge takes 5 secs to fill Charges are always refilled when spawning Headshot multiplier removed

Zap Girl

  • The Zapper! Upgraded the cone angle of the secondary projectile from 45 to 60

  • Zap Girl's Tower Tower AOE+ 15% tower health +10% cooldown 12 ⇒ 10 slow effect 10% -> 15%


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed The warning given to the user on the Experimental tab of the Options Screen has grammar issues

  • Fixed Unit scoring in match history count bots kills and bunkers.

  • Fixed The "Push 1 card to FRAG level 75 or higher" mission does not complete when conditions are met.

  • Fixed Guizmo and the opponent are stuck on each other after Guizmo's grab.

  • Fixed The word "Free" is displayed even if the spin is not free.

  • Fixed Jaw Jaw's ability animation in first person stays in first person when cast.

  • Fixed Character Jaw Jaw's weapon clips through his model when he gets stunned while using his special ability.

  • Fixed Wrong frag power given as a reward during a challenge.

  • Fixed When Cheryl is stunned, the switching after her ult doesn’t work and she keep using the flamethrower.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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