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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.3 Patch Notes ☃️

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


Features 3.3


Competitive challenges such as Cups and Club Wars will not have any Diamonds or Chest related mission anymore.

Winter Buff:

All winter-themed characters will receive a 20% HP and Damage boost during the FRAGmas season, this boost will come with a dedicated challenge requiring you to play with the boosted characters. The characters are:

  • Noot

  • Dr. Frost

  • Avalanche

  • Captain Polar

  • Sno

  • Strix

  • Soldatron

  • and Krystal

FRAGmas Skin Event:

Upon reaching arena 3, you will be able to spin a wheel to unlock exclusive FRAGmas-themed skins. Every player will receive 5 free spins! That’s right! 5 FREE spins. Any skin you already own will be replaced by gold.

Challenge progression booster:

The 3.3 update will also come with two new items called Challenge Progression Boosters, these items will allow you to progress faster in selected challenges, by enhancing the number of points or trophies you receive when completing an objective during Club Wars and Races. You will be able to find those challenge progression boosters in your shop or offers for a limited time!

You will also be able to access the offer directly via the Challenge menu.

Loyalty Offer:

This offer will be available once a week, allowing you to boost your trophy progression while collecting premium items such as Augment chests or a Joker Tablet. The Loyalty Offer will also be automatically triggered once you buy a FRAG Pass.

FRAG pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG Pass with the amazing 'FRAGmas 2022' skin collection with UNIQUE visuals. You will find a Common Joker Tablet and two brand-new Emotes!

Note: Silver chests were reskinned as 'Sturdy Chests', they give the same content




  • Icicle Blaster Hitting enemies with Avalanche’s projectiles now slows their movement speed by 10% for 2 seconds.

  • Ice Prison! Level 1 damage per second: 40 → 20 (-50%). Explosion level 1 damage 120 → 40 (-65%).


She’s been forgotten by the meta for quite a while now. Probably because she’s very fragile.

Let’s try to fix that!

  • General HP at level 1 : 147 → 170


Genkis has not been fun to play for a while now. Let’s fix that! We’re making his ability much more powerful, and his gun much easier to hit enemies with.

  • Powder Canon Changed Genkhis’ projectile explosion method to an easier to hit version.

  • Fire Grenade Last longer, and is now easier to hit. AOE duration: 6 → 12. DoT duration: 2s → 1s.

Last Stand Augment

We’ve realized that some cards can use this augment with way too much efficiency. We’ve reduced the augment’s duration to limit the ability of cards to go out of hand with it.

Duration per level (old)

Duration per level (new)




















Hubble’s turret hits like a truck and has the defenses of a tank. Problem is, it’s designed to be a satellite! We’re reducing its base HP and damage, to make it feel less oppressive.

Since the changes are quite significant, we’re also increasing the number of maximum turrets that Hubble paces, up to 3 at the same time now!

We’re also reducing the maximum height that the satellites reach.

  • Apollo 9000 HP: 266 → 80 (-70%). DPS: 30 → 14 (-53%). Cooldown : 15s → 12s (-20%). Maximum number: 1 → 3.


The introduction of Haigaden in the maps rotation revealed that the amount of healing of his ability is too significant when you lower the number of bunkers on the map.

  • Fix It Up! Bunker Heal percentage: 30% → 20% (-33%).


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed [iOS] Low memory is causing the loading circles to display in the Main menu instead of characters.

  • Fixed [iOS] The game loose sound when you buy something in the shop.

  • Fixed [iOS] After putting the app on pause there is no more sound in the game.

  • Fixed [iOS] Displaying the notification center loses the sound of the game.

  • Fixed [iOS] After watching an ad, the sound is off until the game is restarted.

  • Fixed Opponents are sometimes frozen when killed with the Assassin augment in 2v2 battles, and you get full power in half targets down.

  • Fixed When you lose a battle, Season XP displayed at the end of a battle is not correct.

  • Fixed Players get stuck in the minimap and can't switch characters.

  • Fixed For Challenges, the total medal score is not directly updated after claiming medals.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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