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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.7 Patch Notes 🍫

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


Features 3.7

Prestige Level:

We added new visual effects for Prestige Levels! You will find them on the deck menu and in game! Check it out!

New Menu, Lottery:

Two new Lottery buttons were added to the main menu, allowing you to visit the lottery section or roll the ongoing lottery. New lotteries for rewards such as exclusive characters will be added soon! Stay tuned.

The Fan Base button was moved to the top left part of the main menu, the icon was also changed

Cheryl is Back!:

Finish the Seasonal Event to unlock more copies of Cheryl, as well as an exclusive skin for Zap Girl and Cheryl's FRAG Power!

FRAG pass:

Discover the all-new FRAG Pass featuring the awe-inspiring "Easter 2023" skin collection with its distinct visual style. You'll receive several Ark-On Cards, two never-before-seen Emotes, and a common Joker Tablet.



Bot Mama

  • General Walk speed while shooting 4.8 → 7.8

  • Nail Gun Damage 60 at level 10 Fire rate 110 → 130 Bullet per shot 3 → 1


  • General walking speed increased to 13.2

  • Witch Broom 2.0 fire rate increased to 100

Scout and Nutty

  • Nut Pistol Weapon range 25m → 35m Decrease weapon spread Walk speed while shooting 2.9 → 7.8

The Boss

  • General Health points +25%

  • Money Gun Decreased weapon spread No more bouncing → straight line Walk speed while shooting 5.8 → 7.8

  • Rainin' Bullets! Goons cannot be killed anymore +1 Goon to make the ability wider

Queen Unicorn

  • Dazzle Gun Fire rate 80 → 100

  • Twinkle Force enemies in the area of effect take 15% more damage Radius +10%

Rick Rock

  • Shocking Guitar Damage +20% Health Points +15%

  • Sound Wall Radius +10%


  • General Damage +20%

  • Paint Bomb Damage per second +30%


  • General Health Point +15%

  • Api-harmony While using her ultimate, bees will auto-shoot (no need to click)


  • General Homing is reduced

  • Showtime! When Cheryl gets hard stunned, Showtime stops Damage -10% on every damage source


  • General Damage -15%

Krystal, Noot, Avalanche, Strix

  • Fire rate debuff on hit → Removed

Captain Polar, Dr.Frost

  • Fire rate debuff on hit → 40% to 20%


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Certain UI elements disappear when stunned by the character "Noot" special ability during a battle.

  • Fixed Not claiming Augment Combo Deal offer reward causes the shop to be all mixed out

  • Fixed Certain UI elements disappear when using the emote button during a battle

  • Fixed Cactarina's trap does damage to the target's bunker until it breaks.

  • Fixed "Destroy 10 enemy targets" mission doesn't count progress when playing 2v2 game mode


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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