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FRAG V3 Invitational Tournament

Let's celebrate FRAG V3 with a promotional tournament highlighting one of FRAG V3 brand new features: Augments!



  • The top 6 clubs ranked in the global leaderboard when season 24 ends will get the chance to enter the tournament and to create their team. We will have 10 teams in total.

  • The team must be composed of 3 players.

  • If when club can't qualify or doesn't want to participate, then the next club in rank will be selected.

  • The team leaders will have to contact our Community Manger 'Raph' on Discord in order to validate their participation. Discord

  • Other teams will be composed of Content Creators and Discord members.


  • Best of 3 matches (1st team to win 2 rounds wins), all rounds will be 1 vs 1.

  • All matches will be players on the Bridges map.

  • Player A from team 1 will face player A from team 2, player B from team 1 will face player B from team 2, if needed player C from team 1 will face player C from team 2. In the case where one team leads 2 to 0, player Cs won't play.


  • One Team per Club, you team must be composed of 3 players, not less or more.

  • if you can't make it on game day, you will be disqualified and your opponent will move to the next step.

  • Players will receive dedicated tournament game versions with specific settings: All characters unlocked and level 9, no FRAG Power, no Implants, but with Augments.

  • Players will have some time to test Augments before the tournament starts.

  • The tournament will start on October 17th.

  • Picks and Bans: Ohbibi do not ban any character from the tournament, players will have the opportunity to ban 3 Fraggers each, per round (6 bans in total). Meaning that bans will also reset between each round.

  • Players must be able to record their POV in a decent quality for content purposes, the semi-finals and Final will be published on FRAG's Official YouTube channel and in game.


  • Will be communicated later


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!


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