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FRAG Pro Shooter is approaching it's 3 year #FRAGanniversary, and before we can celebrate this new chapter, we wanted to look back at all the exciting things that happened in 2021!


The video is available in French, but don't let that stop you from watching! You can still take a glimpse into the Oh BiBi office and meet some of the team. Back in March of 2021, Oh BiBi, took the virtual stage, alongside many of France's most notable game creators in the Pégases Ceremony 2021 hosted by the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Jeu Vidéo. Oh BiBi was nominated to join the spotlight on France television highlighting our journey, while getting a glimpse into the world of creating FRAG Pro Shooter.

When this video was being filmed in our office in Paris, France, Oh BiBi employees had just went under lockdown working remotely with only a few of us coming into the office for filming. It was a remarkable journey that we were all ecstatic to be apart of. The day that it aired on TV, all of Oh BiBi gathered in a Zoom call to have snacks and to watch the premier together. It will be a day we will never forget!



In 2021, it was FRAG's 2 year anniversary where we did the 'Cake the Devs' edition. There was a 'Community Event' in which the community must complete goals together in game to unlock rewards and if you met all 3 rounds you got to see the devs cake themselves. THIS WAS WAY TOO MUCH FUN! 😹



We hit the biggest milestone in 2021! We hit 100 characters in FRAG!


In 2021, Oh BiBi released 17 fraggers into FRAG Pro Shooter! WOW! Amazing!! Marco Pollo was our very first character to release in the new year, and our last character was... you've guessed it, Noot!


Lilly was on fire in June! Being the most watched FRAG video in 2021!



The year of giveaways!! We gave away a brand new phone, a Nintendo Switch, Ad Removal and more! We did more giveaways in 2021 than we've ever done before and there will be more to come in 2022!

Remember the Inner Monkey contest? We put you to the test to give us your best inner monkey call inspired from Sunny himself, and you all out did yourselves! We were so impressed with the FRAG community! Check out this video and give yourself a good laugh. It's funny even the second time around.



Not only did we release a character for every month of the year, but we double down releasing TWO characters starting in update 1.8.9. The Battle Buddies, 'Ao and Izuna' were our very first characters released in the same update, then following 'DolB and Wave', 'Jager and Kaz'Oolu' and finally 'Piper Reese and Evil Piper.'

We released an EXCLUSIVE video on the FRAG Pro Shooter Official Facebook page telling the story of how Izuna lost her legs. WARNING, it's sad!!

With each duo-character we've released, it was paired with a new map: Haigaden, Pulse, Atlantis, and Evil Bridges that were are only available to play during special events.


The FRAG community loves Events, and so we implemented a way for players to earn a FRAG Power with the Wheel challenge.


Synergy was also introduced around August 2021. Only characters that were released together got synergy to unlock a bonus while playing with both characters in the same deck. It was an exciting feature at the time that had the community loving the biggest update of the year!

However, after we continued to release more duo-characters and expanded the synergy feature; we began receiving community feedback to only release one character instead of two, and to change how synergy works. Oh BiBi took note of this feedback and started making changes. Piper Reese and Evil Piper were the last two duo-characters released at once and they're the only characters that did not get synergy. In FRAG News 1.9.3 | The Good vs Evil we had a game dev speak about changes with synergy and what we plan to do in the future.

Oh BiBi introduced Piper Reese and Evil Piper in November 2021. This update was a special update, because the concept did not come from the FRAG developers like all the other updates, instead it came directly from your Lead Community Manager, Dasadorah! She worked closely with Piper Reese (a professional voice actress) to do the VO for FRAG YouTube videos. Dasadorah would write the script and come up with the video concepts alongside the Artists and then Piper Reese read the script with her amazing voice! After Oh BiBi worked with Piper Reese for awhile now, Dasadorah wanted to bring her into the game as a real FRAG character! Dasadorah worked with the game devs to bring this concept to life. How cool is that?! Are you team #therealPiperReese or #theonlyPiperReese?


During this time, Oh BiBi released a new exciting event called Ladies Fight with Piper Reese.



We've also upgraded our FRAG TikTok channel releasing more videos in 2021. You get to see some unique and exclusive content on TikTok that you won't see anywhere else!


FRAG 2022

Thanks for looking back at FRAGtastic 2021 with us, it's been a BIG year (we hit over 1 million subscribers on YouTube), and we've couldn't have done it without our amazingly awesome FRAG Community! There's much more to come in 2022, Happy FRAGGING!


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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